Professional Book-keeping and Payroll Services

Our first step is to work with you so we can get a full understanding of your business. We appreciate that all clients are different in both size and approach, and we ensure that our service fits our clients' needs, giving them peace of mind that their accounts are at any given time, up to date.

Some clients may simply require a book-keeping service to get their accounts up to date, whilst others rely on the support of Ocean Accounts to track their business and answer any queries they have. If it's sorting through a bag of invoices or looking to reduce costs for a busy company, we have the solution.

We like to see ourselves as your 'virtual' accounts department with our lines open 24/7. To fit in with our clients' needs, we can work in three ways:

  • Collection Service - collecting paperwork weekly
  • Postal - again on a weekly basis
  • On your premises - we can come to you (as long as you have good coffee!)

With each service, we ensure that your needs are met, and you have the financial support, knowing where your business is going.